True sister masturbation story

Age: 30
Weight: 163
Height: 47
Size: 3
I had recently discovered masturbating. After this first oral sex with my sister I performed oral on Sheila for her fist time. I smeared some on my finger and tasted my little sisters pussy juice.
I was sitting in my room brainstorming a new novel idea and I could faintly hear the sound of something knocking against my wall, "Nahh, couldn't be" I thought as I tried to ignore it and get back to my work, eventually curiousity got the better of me and I crept out of my room, turning my handle ever so slightly as to not alert her to my snooping causing her to stop whatever she was doing on the off chance that she was playing the one-girl orchestra. Click here to post comments. So I laid back and relaxed while she rubbed my spot until I felt the good familiar feeling come over me. I knew a little about the female anatomy, so she lay down on the bed and I rubbed her with my hand. She then took her fingers out of her wet pussy and pinched her clit beetween her fingers she quickly tugged it side to side til she climaxed again this time squirting her pussy juice all over the counter. I lay on her bed and started masturbating.
It was nineteen ninety-one, I was eighteen, a senior in high school and jock on the baseball team. However, I was not a popular one. I was that. I had recently began masturbating when I was alone and was for some reason I've talked about the stuff I did with my sister in my stories. . That I had a real feeling that she must be really turned on by what she had seen.

Caught Masturbating By My Sister Leads To Much More

Age: 27
Weight: 161
Height: 51
Size: 2
I heard her shuffle around and stop crying for a second, so I continued "now I have to have the same conversation with you as he had with me, call it tradition, it may as well be, can I come in?
I usually cum on my stomach and then clean it off with Kleenex. I was very curious as to how the smell got onto my sheet because there was no one home, mom and dad went on a two weeks cruise, only me and my younger sister were at home. She showed me how to use our parents back massager on my penis, showed me how to make myself cum with the pool jets and all kinds of other ways. That it made me wonder why then. The neighbor "Sheila" said wow look at all the "stuff" that shot out of his dick.
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