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To better understand the true personal and societal consequences, in this article, I use an instrumental variables IV approach that takes advantage of variation in state laws regulating the age at which individuals are allowed to marry, drop out of school, and begin work. There have also been similar increases in the requirements governing school attendance and child labor. If teenage marriage and dropping out of high school are largely driven by unobserved personal characteristics that are the primary cause of negative outcomes, legal interventions to prevent these choices may make little difference.
The IV estimate in column 2 instruments for early teen marriage and dropout status using the same specification as Table 4 but also adds in the currently divorced variable as an additional control. I collected this information annually for the years to for the 41 states with reliable information on marriage laws during this time period. This often coincides with a time in your life when you may feel you deserve more freedom. In the United States, as in most developed countries, age restrictions have been revised upward so that they are now between 15 and 21 years of age. Data come from the subsample of women from the National Fertility Survey who were reinterviewed in the National Fertility Survey. Goldin C, Katz L.
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Make sure they have awareness, rather than saying they can't do something. Data are also restricted to the 41 states with available data on marriage laws, compulsory schooling laws, and child labor laws.
Whenever I get told off by my mum, she gives me these really long lectures. OLS estimates for these and other groupings can be found in Dahl What explains the different estimates for early teen marriage when comparing the individual versus grouped data in Table 1? I planned everything out perfectly: Family income is measured in thousands of dollars.
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