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I know the feeling of sliding earrings in and out on her and on me. Earlier this year, Anna took to Twitter to reminisce about her piercing experience at Claire's joking that she couldn't believe she still had the piercing that she had gotten so many years before. Chris summers dressed in pantyhose. Justed wanted to post to say my girlfriend recently re-pierced her second holes!
I have both my lobes double pierced myself although don't have earrings in much On my side my mother and grandmother have multiple pierced ears and pierced nostrils. .. her, and her damned earrings, and the nose ring story. . experience for me to put my earrings back on afterward, because I had. For some reason I find pierced ears on men to be a turn-on! But we are definitely thinking about getting him a second piercing in the same lobe when I get my next tattoo. What a fantastic story! to push back an earring in my ears as well. the holes were tights but not really closed. so for a few hours I wear.

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Multiple piercing opens up a whole new set of options for those of us only familiar with traditional lobe piercing. I wanted to get her opinion on them. The rook is a diagonal ridge of flat cartilage that runs across the ear and the daith is the ear's innermost cartilage fold.
I said, "You know how you wanted me to get a tattoo, because you found them to be attractive? I hope I'm not being too personal. He wants you to see his hot wife nude and appreciate her and even have a wank to her. I would play with his earlobes in bed, and tell him that I thought they were sexy, with the absurd hope that he would say, "How would you like it if I got them pierced. Nude undies for every skin tone:
Please type a name. Please type a valid email address. Please type a question. Female First Forum Skip to content. I have both my lobes double pierced myself although don't have earrings in much of the time due to work image etc. I'm often tempted to have mine pierced again I used to have three a side but the third pair closed up Story experience pantyhose double pierced ear would really love my wife to do the piercing for me, but I'm not sure she'd be keen.
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