Why women cheat sperm wars in biology class, and ZERO sperm killed other sperm, in fact, nobody in my class witnessed any sperm killing other sperm, and we tried pig, bird and cow; nothing, not one single attack among 22 tests. So, too, can aggression and a level of physical trauma."/>

Why women cheat sperm wars

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I'm far from believing every word I read and I wouldn't take this book for an ultimate source of truth, but it certainly opens one's mind for the topic. Based on studies with a fiber optic endoscope attached to a man's penis during sex, Baker describes how the cervix behaves during sex and orgasm, dipping down "like an elephant's trunk" into the pool of semen so that the sperm can more easily swim into it, the so-called "upsuck theory" of female orgasm. Baker's thesis is that all human sexual behavior can be explained from a biological stand point, an ambitious view that he doesn't fully succeed in demonstrating.
Some stuff we do or are because of chance, drift, behaviors and attributes that have equal pluses and minuses and so cancel themselves out. Even more rarely, a woman may allow a dog or some other animal to have intercourse, again as a form of masturbation. Most of Sperm Wars is Baker detailing these points via anecdotes, research and speculation. Good because I can finally see where so much of their utter horse shit actually comes from; bad because I could've been reading something else since I know how absolutely rubbish the people who will take this book as fact are though, it's been an awesome experience of inside jokes and making fun of garbage science while fact-checking so much only to find out that t Before I get started:
Originally meant to be a video, however I posted this episode instead as a audio version of the podcast. I cite some very pertinent excerpts out. Sperm Wars is a primarily nonfiction book by evolutionary biologist Robin Baker. Originally The "sperm wars" include both literal battles between sperm inside a woman's reproductive tract, as well as figurative battles between men competing .

Sperm Wars

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His "theory", and I'm using the term loosely, is based on the stereotypical view of bisexual people as promiscuous. Do females promote sperm competition?: This is a big issue for me; Sperm either kills other sperm, or it doesn't.
The FAU researchers claim that sexual relations following accusations of female infidelity often feature deep thrusting, as if the man is trying to become the ultimate victor in Sperm Wars [source: It is clear in his preface that he intends to sway public opinion into believing that women should be allowed to cheat, because hey "it's natural". But things are starting to change a little bit with all this research because the rates of women committing adultery are starting to climb, sort of correlated to the rise of women in the workforce. There isn't anything here that isn't in any standard textbook on human sexuality or at least nothing substantiated. Check out our blogs on the HowStuffWorks.
Using evolutionary psychology to explain human behavior can be somewhat controversial, but the field provides some interesting reasons as to why Why women cheat sperm wars and women may cheat. From an evolutionary standpoint, men cheat because they feel an imperative to spread their genetic code as much as possible, to ensure they have heirs. Men would also be upset by a woman's infidelity from a purely sexual point of view, because they don't want to waste hard-earned resources raising another man's children. Women, on the other hand, might be more upset by their lover's emotional infidelity, because it threatens Why women cheat sperm wars resources she needs for her children. But because women are so invested in receiving those resources, researchers weren't sure at first why women would threaten them by cheating at all. As it turns out, even after women choose a partner that they deem worthwhile to father their children, researchers believe they still seek out a better one in a competition that we'll deem "Sperm Wars. Here's how Sperm Wars works:
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