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Age: 25
Weight: 170
Height: 49
Size: 3
Chuck teaches him to fight. Coach Daniels and Debra also start sending pornographic photos to each other, and one is mistakenly sent to Harmon, giving him the wrong idea. All right, who's ready to pass this test?
None of the above. Thad gets the entire team arrested at a goat house party to teach the team about motivation, and Mary Jo grasps the opportunity to finally score with Alex. Oh, wait a minute, where you going? And I need to pass it so I can stay on the team. This causes turmoil as the entire team attempts celibacy as a way to improve their performance but it does not produce the desired outcome.
This is property of Viacom, I don't own any part of this video. Sammy eats outdated penis gobblers and starts to hallicinate and sees chuck the iceman Blue Mountain State Get season 2 on YouTube.

Blue Mountain State (2009) s01e09 Episode Script

Age: 35
Weight: 158
Height: 49
Size: 4
We can do it.
Before the event, Thad has a dream where God Brian Bosworth tells Thad that he will go pro if he stays celibate. Thad changes his lifestyle back to the way he was before his suspension and becomes captain again. Not as beautiful as you are, Miss Patty. Monday to 6 a. What do we have here, man? Blue Mountain State Rating
Blue mountain state penis me have one of your girls. Um, they're not really mine to give, Sammy. Is there something wrong with me? Okay, there's two girls, there's two guys. I have something they don't have. All you've done since we've been here is talk about how many pushups you can do. Uh, Sammy, attracting women is like fishing, okay?
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