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Variations in familism in two generations of Puerto Ricans.
Blumstein PW, Schwartz P. Summer barbeques and house parties with relatives and extended family with dancing and domino games were the scenes described by many of the youth as examples of their familial activities. Therefore, further examination is needed to empirically document the relationship that familism plays within subgroups of bisexual Latino youth. How many HIV infections cross the bisexual bridge?: Within the spaces of these neighborhoods, flyers were distributed outside high schools, in collaboration with youth organizations and person-to-person outreach was conducted with key youth leaders in these communities. Author information Copyright and License information Disclaimer.
If the sexuality of Latinos was as simple as that image of happy, of voluptuous women in bikinis enjoying piña coladas, served to them with a. Do Latino guys like it when white girls try to speak Spanish to them? 18, Views It doesn't always make them the best partner in life but, sex? Yup.:) I have.

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The vicissitudes of men and masculinities in Latin America. Next, we regressed the number of partners with whom respondents had receptive unprotected anal intercourse onto the same predictors as in the prior equation.
This is a major limitation given the diversity of men often subsumed under the category of bisexual. A point of departure. The ensuing question then is, is it logical to infer that for bisexual men, having sex with women would lead to unprotected anal intercourse with men? The bisexual bridge revisited: Hispanic couple hugging on beach. Annika realized a change in her view of her sexuality after experiencing a sexual interaction with a female classmate. Negotiating Bisexual Desire and Familism:
Families are of Latino have sex with girl importance for Latino communities in the United States. In this study we examined how familism shapes sexual-decision making regarding behavior and expressions of bisexuality among Latino youth. To accomplish this, we conducted 25 in-depth interviews and ethnographic observations in social environments of bisexual male and female youth 15—19 years of age for nine months February — OctoberNew York City. We conducted a recurrent theme analysis together with the selection of case studies to illustrate key themes regarding familism and Latino teenage bisexuality. Our findings suggest that bisexual Latino youth valued closeness to their families by maintaining family ties, and seeking their emotional and material support.
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