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The other things you're confusing as "detail" is grain bro. This fighting manga adaptation comes from an era of much more blood and insanity than the current shonen landscape, and now it's available uncensored on Netflix. Last week, I wanted you to wax on and off about your Spring favorites:
I want to see as much of the detail as there is in each shot. Fox classic movies released on blu ray are some of the absolute worst. LPs just can't keep up, especially in very long quiet passages, where you hear all the clicks and pops. LaserDisc does not have to worry about this.
Rare LaserDisc: Shopping Cart - Boxsets Box Sets New Factory-Sealed LD's Not -on-DVD LaserDisc Title Fetish (Curdled) Widescreen Rare LaserDisc. Nov 24, okay okay, I know you're all thinking "this guy is crazy" right now. But the star wars movies as well as a few james bond movies(up until recently).

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If you can see damage or defects in the acrylic, there is a strong possibility you will see video noise on the screen.
In the case of Avatar - sorry to say, but I think you're a bit confused about the term "actual animation. And usually, they don't really care. The laser has a limited tolerance for optical obstructions. On offense, but Anime was on 16mm for years until digital took over, and I actually prefer older Anime, film grain and all. Its like watching a film for the first time again.
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